Client Application

E-Schedule’s Client application is a simple yet powerful tool designed to streamline the collection process for your customers. The application allows customers to quickly and easily indicate whether or not a collection is needed throughout the day. This information is then instantly transmitted to the system, ensuring that collections are made in a timely and efficient manner.

With E-Schedule’s Client application, you can say goodbye to time-consuming phone calls and manual data entry. The application is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge, making it an ideal solution for all customers. Plus, with real-time tracking and monitoring, you can be confident that all collections are being collected and processed as quickly as possible.

E-Schedule’s Client application is a must-have tool for any business looking to improve efficiency and accuracy

Our Management Solution

Our innovative suite of tools includes a Client Application, Courier Application, Admin Panel, and Audit Application, all designed to simplify your operations, save you time and money

Courier App

  • Easily manage route on app
  • Electronic reciepts on collection
  • Mileage calculation

Audit App

  • Eliminate errors and discrepancies
  • Powerful auditing tools
  • Accurate auditing

Admin Panel

  • Complete control over operations
  • Monitor in real time
  • Wealth of data at your fingertips

Client App

  • Simple but powerful
  • Eliminate phone calls and manual data
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy