Next Generation Route Management

Plan and optimise your collections with our powerful cloud-based management system

Route optimisation software that puts you in control

At E-Schedule, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. Our tools are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making them easy to use and accessible for all members of your team. Plus, with our real-time tracking and monitoring, you can be confident that all samples are being collected on time.

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Make your collections more efficient

At E-Schedule, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate sample collection and courier services. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of tools that are designed to make your life easier. Big or small, E-Schedule has the tools you need to manage your operations more effectively.

E-Schedule is the ultimate solution for any company looking to streamline their operations. Our tools are designed to simplify your processes, save you time and money.

Admin Panel

Track requests, download daily reports, and calculate mileage

Powerful Auditing

Eliminate errors and discrepancies with our audit application

Calculate Mileage

Application automatically calculates the routes end mileage

Streamline client App

Requests made with the click of a button

Route Monitoring

See how collections are progressing as they are made in real time

Paperless Receipts

Clients are automatically emailed a receipt with time and date of collection

Our Management Solution

Our innovative suite of tools includes a Client Application, Courier Application, Admin Panel, and Audit Application, all designed to simplify your operations, save you time and money

Courier App

Electronic reciepts on collection

Easily manage route on app

Mileage calculation

Audit App

Eliminate errors and discrepancies

Powerful auditing tools

Accurate auditing

Admin Panel

Complete control over operations

Wealth of data at your fingertips

Monitor in real time

Client App

Eliminate phone calls and manual data

Improves efficiency and accuracy

Simple but powerful

What Our Customers Say

NationWide Laboratories is one of the leading veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the UK. As a business, we are constantly looking on how to keep our services modern and relevant to vets in practice.

In this digital age we felt a system that would allow our clients to book sample collections in a few clicks is something that we needed to introduce into our workflow. After investigating several solutions, eschedule came out on top, both for technical characteristics and cost. Its user-friendly interface is quick and easy to navigate, which helps to save admin time and reduce the risk of human errors.

Since we implemented the system, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients. They like it because it is convenient and fits well into the busy life of a veterinary practice.

Partnership with eschedule has proven to be the right choice for us as it aligns with our commitment to efficiency improvement, cost savings, and client satisfaction.

We would highly recommend eschedule to any business looking to enhance its operations and streamline its processes.

Sandra Wells

Head of Operations at NationWide Laboratories

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